The Lindsey Tourmaline

The Lindsay Tourmaline is named such because the bright blue iridescent pieces remind me of a bright blue tourmaline.   Unfortunately it would be a million dollars if it were real tourmaline stones, but let me tell you..... this looks like a million bucks so I would rather have this one!    It has 4 hand strung layers of crystals  and rhinestones, and swarovski beads,  the encased blue rhinestones, and our centerpiece.  The focal piece of this amazing piece is an irregular shape vintage chandelier crystal, encased in metal, then topped with swarovski crystals in a design that gives so much sparkle and pop you have to see to believe.   The colors in the center coordinate the entire piece and is one of the first of it's kind here at Art by Amy.    It is adjustable from 14.5 to 25 inches with its long hand wired extension which makes a beautiful back feature with an updo, or shorter hair!