Boujie Bull

The Boujie Bull Necklace is yet another to add to my list of my favorite things..... raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, and the cookie cutters.   Many of you have heard me tell the story of how my cookie cutter necklaces began.  My great grandmother Ethel B., gifted me with her hoop skirt and cookie cutter collection.   And thus my cookie cutter necklaces began 30 years later when found them again.   The cookie cutter is then filed with turquoise bits, beads and cabochons.    The Bull head is also bejeweled with turquoise.    The fossil stone, and turquoise howlite slab are also encased in metal for a double drop experience.    The hand beaded stone necklace features numerous gemstones including goldstone, turquoise, howlite, jasper, tiger eye, cowboy pearls carnelian, natural turquoise and more. (that I'm drawing a blank on.  I'm really not a gemologist, lol)   You can wear this whatever length you desire by just tying up the deer leather.   It is also super cute doubled and tie on the side of your neck with a bow!

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