Cookies for Santa Necklaces

These Cookies for Santa Necklaces are guaranteed to be calorie free.    The amazing collage pieces are actual cookie cutters (These started when I inherited my great Grandmothers cookie cutters.  She was very crafty and Ethel B would definitely approve of my creations in them. )    The faces are handmade from clay and painted with a super tiny brush!   lol.   No two faces will every be alike and are full of character.  3 to choose from.  Pompon Tree santa  is 20" with toggle of red and green glass and stone beads.    Peppermint santa is red and white beads of glass, gemstones lamp work etc and is 28" with toggle.   Santa with glasses is a mix of chain, filagree rings, gemstones, glass and rhinestone wired beads and is 28" adjustable with lobster claw.