Alexa' BEE-UTIFUL Style

Alexa's BEE-UTIFUL Style is unmatched. With sea-foam green beads, tan beads, and tan bling beads make up the strands. The main focus is the asymmetric masterpiece. With a  circle two inch crystal  in the center with a bumble bee soldered on the side. The rest is swarmed with golden, sparkly, and green drops to make it look so well off. The back piece has the same drops that hang down to give you a look no matter which way you turn. 

The top left earring has a green bead at the top, a sparkly gold/tan bead, and a crystal green heart. 3 inches long. 

The earring beneath has a green crystal bead at the top with a golden crystal at the bottom. 3 inches long. 

The bottom earring has a sparkly gold/tan bead at the top and a green crystal oval bead at the bottom. 2 1/2 inches long. 

The top right earring has a couple gold/tan sparkly beads and a few green crystal beads on a metal top. 3 1/2 inches long. 

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