Push Me Pull Me

The Push Me Pull me necklace is just a little hint as to what this beautiful vintage collage is made from.   The vintage rhinestone necklace in varied blues and the cut  blue glass vintage chain are juxtaposed by the vintageness in the old chain thrown in.   The pies de la resistance is our focal.   Drumrolll please. .............. push me pull me.  Any guesses?   This center element is actually taken from a vintage pocket door. It is where your fingers went to push and pull the pocket door open.   Ok.  Super cool right?   But we don't stop there!   The center is filled with a vintage frozen charlotte doll, vintage pearls, jewelry tid bits, vintage chevron crystals, and a vintage crystal pin.   The drops to complete the ensemble include vintage beads, lamp work beads, cut crystals in various shades of blue and a vintage blue pearly bead. It is adjustable from 17 to 23 inches.

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