Sami's Flapper

Sami's Flapper Necklace is a variety of strung beads. Pearls, freshwater pearls, gold beads, tan beads, and gold freshwater pearls line the choker. The centerpiece is a two inch crystal circle with small crystal beads wrapped around. A two inch AB chandelier crystal with AB crystals surrounding the edges. All of this is 14 inches. 

The bracelet has the the exact same beading with the same crystal circle but only and inch and a half, wrapped in small crystal beads. It was made with stretchy string so should fit all. 

The far left earring is made of two bling AB gold beads. The wire has small crystals lined up at the top. 4 inches long. 

The next earring has a two inch crystal with AB crystals lining the edges. 3 inches long. 

The next earring is a wire string beaded tear with a pearl drop. 4 inches long. 

The right earring has a two inch crystal with a AB connector. 3 1/2 inches long. 

The top earring is a two inch metal swirl with a crystal hanging from the bottom. 4 inches long. 

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