The Angelica necklace is yet another to add to my list of my favorite things..... raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, and the cookie cutters.   Many of you have heard me tell the story of how my cookie cutter necklaces began.  My great grandmother Ethel B., gifted me with her hoop skirt and cookie cutter collection.   And thus my cookie cutter necklaces began 30 years later when found them again.   I make the faces out of clay, fire, and hand paint, the collage the centers with all my vintage jewelry finds, beads, etc.   This masterpiece happens to be set on 4 hand strung layers of pearl and crystals, and a silver chain layer FILLED  with pearls, crystals, mother of pearl shell, handmade mother of pearl shell flower, vintage finds, , crystals, etc.    The entire piece is adjustable from 15 to 22 inches with lobster claw and extender..    Angelica is a the queen of the necklace with her crown, glasses, wing, vintage collage giving you a little wave 'Hi".    The beauty of the Angelica necklace is indescribable with its pearls and vintage tones.... gorgeous.

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