The Phoenix

The Phoenix is literally a handmade chuck of love.   Wear it with pride and spread the LOVE! The Mix of vintage, natual  stones with  our super soft deer leather in tobacco create this show stopper with a solid brass embellished conch to boot!  The conch is imbedded with a natural turquoise stone and has our ever popular hand cut deer leather tassel measuring approximately 12 inches.    The strung mixed turquoise stones feature 3 layers of natural turquoise, chrysocolla, howlite, african hammered silver beads, metabolized copper beads, and a crystal pop.   The layers are combined with some industrial washers that attach to our long braided chocolate deer leather strips so you can tie any length you want!   Tie up short and let your braided ties hang to the front for a side leather feature.    Double around and tie in the front, or just wear long.  We just love jewelry you can wear so many WAYS!   The base of the piece measures 53" from end to end.

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