Huntsville TX here we come!!!

Mr Tomnas

The Mr Tomnas is one of our famous cookie cutter collage necklaces.   The vintage cookie cutter necklaces started because I inherited a crap ton of vintage cookie cutters when my Great Grandma died.  I tell everyone, she was one crafty lady and would be so happy to see how much happiness these little goodies create!    This one totally looks like Mr Tomnas from NARNIA!   The necklace is layers of natural knotted stones, and a strung piece full of natural turquoise of so many varied shapes and shades of green and turquoise!    Throw in a few metal beads, a couple freshwater pearls, and a brushed antique silver chain with a 20 to 27 inch extension and you have perfection.   Mr Tomnas is actually a vintage china doll head, complete with rabbit fur beard, tons of turquoise pieces and beads, a winchester tidbit, vintage tooled leather and a crystalized pistola. He drops to a turquoise connector another metal encased vintage repurposed tooled leather.   He's exceptional.   Makes  me so happy to look at him.

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